Narayanan Elavathur Ranganatha

Narayanan Elavathur Ranganatha

Research Assistant, Vision & Learning

IIITD Autonomous Last mIle VEhicle (ALIVE)

About me

I am currently pursuing my degree for Masters in Computer Science at University of California San Diego. Before this, I was working as a Research Assistant at the IIITD ALIVE project under the guidance of Saket Anand, Jainendra Shukla and Rajiv Ratn Shah. My aim is to facilitate the conceptualization and deployment of complex computer vision systems that can handle real-world uncertainty and are compact and efficient.

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  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Vision
  • Robotics
  • Deep Learning

Work Experience

Google Summer of Code @ Open3D
Open Source Contributor
Jun 2022 – Sep 2022 Remote
Implemented the 3D Object detection model - PV-RCNN++ - in PyTorch and TensorFlow and training it on large-scale datasets such as the Waymo Driving Dataset to reproduce the original author’s results. The Pull Request is undergoing code-review.
IIITD Autonomous Last mIle VEhicle (ALIVE)
Research Assistant, Vision & Learning
Oct 2020 – Present Delhi

Working on the development and testing of the Perception software stack for the autonomous vehicle:

  • Created camera-based object detection and tracking module.
  • Created camera-based traffic light detection and tracking module.
  • Setup infrastructure for benchmarking several state-of-the-art 2D object detectors on autonomous driving datasets such as BDD100K and Indian Driving Dataset.
  • Created ROS nodes for deploying these detectors on a Jetson AGX Xavier as part of the autonomous stack of the car using Torchscript and OpenCV with a frame rate of 22 FPS.
  • Position and speed of detected objects were estimated by fusing Camera and LIDAR data using a Kalman Filter and calibration information.
  • Created a Traffic Light color classifier using Gaussian Mixture Models.
  • Working on an annotation tool that uses calibration information to facilitate multi-sensor annotation.
Samsung R&D Institute India - Bangalore Pvt. Ltd.
Student Trainee
Samsung R&D Institute India - Bangalore Pvt. Ltd.
Jan 2020 – Jun 2020 Bangalore

Worked on the development of Near Real-Time RAN Intelligence Controller (RIC)

  • Brought up the Near Real-Time RAN Intelligence Controller(RIC) Kubernetes cluster.
  • Established connection between Near Real-Time RIC cluster and RIC dashboard to facilitate deployment of xApps and creation of new policies.
  • Wrote xApp components to communicate between xApp and the Near Real-Time RIC A1-Mediator.
  • Used RIC Message Router APIs to facilitate movement of policies across the cluster components.
  • Created Helm charts and Docker images for the xApps.
Robotics Research Center, IIIT Hyderabad
Research Intern
Robotics Research Center, IIIT Hyderabad
May 2019 – Jul 2019 Hyderabad
Created a ROS-aware Gazebo plugin to incorporate path planning for actors in Gazebo. The actor is treated as a mobile base by the plugin. The costmap is retrieved via the costmap_2d node. The A-star algorithm is then applied on the retrieved costmap for generating paths via the navfn package.
 known as
Data Science Intern known as
Dec 2018 – Jan 2019 Pune, Maharashtra

Worked on using deep neural networks for Natural Language Processing

  • Extracted ‘action items’ and filtered out chit-chat from meeting transcripts.
  • Trained Bidirectional GRU with attention mechanism for punctuation restoration model.
  • Designed and trained a two-layer GRU model in Keras to classify an input sentence as relevant or not.
  • Augmented training data by analyzing constituency tree and part-of-speech tags and inserting synonyms.
  • Used Google Sentence Encoder to extract sentences with the same semantic meaning by using similarity metrics such as a cosine similarity for targeted training.


Worked on several parts of the autonomous driving software stack. The projects along with their github links are listed below. For detailed information on the projects, please refer to the repositories.

  • Lane Detection [github]
  • Traffic Sign Classifier [github]
  • State Estimation using a Extended Kalman Filter [github]
  • Behavioral Cloning [github]
  • Localization [github]
  • Finite State Machine based Path Planning [github]
  • PID Controller [github]
  • Capstone Project [github]
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